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Aug 24, 2013 / 1 note

Ugh work is just so daunting after a week off and with only 10 days left to go until school…

Jul 2, 2012

Work 20 days in a row….get 2 rando days off.

At least I’m going Sailing with my dad and bro after the 20 days….but that also means at least 25 days without seeing Ryan :(  (and I don’t even have my hours after that yet either, so it’ll probably be longer :( )

Jun 1, 2012 / 1 note
Sep 3, 2010 / 1 note

One Day!

Tonight was (for reals this time) my last shift before I move into rez on Sunday. And now that work is all over with, it’s really hitting me. I. am moving. out [IN ONE FREAKING DAY]… omgsh! Oh. My. Gosh!

BONUS: My boss gave me a $100 bonus! Yayz XD. She said she was going to give me one, but I was getting a little worried after her momentary melt down.

See: My Boss has gone insane!

and she says I can come back next year, which believe me, is a relief where I work, she sends people packing every year….oh and my pay check was bigger than I thought it was going to be, so tonight was a happy night :)

Aug 31, 2010 / 4 notes

My Boss has gone insane!

Ughh wow, I am in such a bad mood!

I was so excited when I went into work this morning because it was my very last shift before I move away to school - or so I thought. I was thinking “aww that’s so sweet of my boss to give us a few days off before we leave to go to school” [she did this for other girls that already left]. Well it turns out, I wasn’t so lucky after all! At the last minute she put me in, so now I’m working Thursday and freaking Friday, so I will only have my very last day at home off, just enough time to pack, sleep, and leave.

Not only that, but my boss has legit gone insane. She keeps yelling at everyone for simple mistakes (she even gets cranky at the adult who works there now - she never would have even thought about getting mad at Suzanne before). AND she has left a bajillion angry notes out written in huge letters with black and red marker that are very visible to customers. Such as: “CLOSE THE FRIDGE AND FREEZER DOOR” [umm, duh?], “If you can’t scoop it you shouldn’t work here”, “Keep this station clean!”, “Keep icecream in the FREEZER, and microwave it for milkshakes if it’s too hard”. Not even joking, I should have taken a picture. The average person would probably find it completely hilarious.  Then in the back there’s a big banner, not kidding, that says “PLEASE READ THIS, THAT MEANS YOU!”, with an assortment of other angry notes under it such as, “I will deduct 15minutes off your pay for everything that is not done properly during closing”. Like, I’m gonna say I’m pretty sure that’s illegal! AND someone apparently owes her $20 for forgetting to put a (small) tub of icecream back in the freezer. There’s a sign and then a sticky note that says “LEAVE $20 here ->” pointing to a magnet. baha. So, no one even knows how the icecream ended up in the fridge instead of the freezer so, the 6 people who worked that day (including me, who only worked until 2:30 and clearly has nothing to do with it) has to pay a portion. SO I counted out $3.33 in nickles and mostly pennies to give to her. hahahaha, I personally think that’s the funniest thing ever, and couldn’t stop laughing as I was counting the change, but I’m a nerd like that.

I feel better now, thanks for listening (or not), rant over, peace out.

Aug 29, 2010 / 1 note



I re-counted my tips today (I work at a fast food joint/ice cream place, aka The Dairy Freeze), and, after saving every penny of tips for two years I have about a hundred dollars more than expected. I had already decided I was going to spend my tips, and save my pay checks (obv) for school. Tomorrow I just so happen to be going University shopping for last minute things, clothes, shoes etc. and am going to use my tips to buy it all.

What I’m trying to say is: shopping spree tomorrrroowww!