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After this long weekend I have 2 stat holidays accumulated!

So if I take wed and thurs off during a short week (every other wk I only work wed&thurs) I have the Monday to Sunday off!!

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  • Text I received at work today: Canada got a gold for the fancy gymnastics. You know the one with the hoops and ribbons. It was great to watch.
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(via davaistoi)

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Is it time to go home to watch netflix yet?

Jul 28, 2014 / 1 note

I’m one of those people who seeks out quiet during lunch at work and finds a place to eat alone.

I also feel like I’m on Grey’s Anatomy a little bit because I found out the health care aid I’m working with today is dating one of the surgeons.




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New life plan

I’ve decided after my new graduate position in orthopedic surgery I’m going to apply to the post anesthetic care unit. I think that would be awesome.

Jul 24, 2014 / 1 note

The new resident is making small talk with me now. He said “heard you passed your exam” (not sure how he heard). Then he was asking me how job prospects are and if I will still be working on the unit.

Jul 23, 2014

Day shift on the surgical oncology unit tomorrow then three day lake-side weekend for me :D

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Casually sitting here getting paid for an 8 hour computer class