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An hour to go before gym…so I’m wasting time (alone) in second cup with my pumpkin spice latte.

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☼ nature-ish blog ☼
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☼ nature-ish blog ☼


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Home from a 36 hour work weekend

Ready set TV night.
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Home from a 36 hour work weekend

Ready set TV night.

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Practiced IV starts on a styrofoam cup at work today…

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Officially cleared to do venipuncture by myself!! 💉💉💉

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Excited to announce that my website The Gymternet will be producing its first documentary series! We will be working with one of the top elite gyms in the country, checking in every couple of months as their athletes train and prepare. 15 minute episodes will be released every few months, and the project will culminate with the announcement of the 2016 Olympic team at Olympic Trials, when we will release the entire process as a feature-length documentary. Info about the gym/cast coming soon! eloise-in-wonderland will lend her video/editing talents to the project, and forcedrhyme will help me produce.

You guys don’t even know how excited I am about this. I can’t wait to get started on this project.

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A gym friend ended up sleeping over (yay a ride home) because she said she was too sleepy to drive home after the bar (she lives pretty far from the gym). We ended up hanging out a lot of the day today/going to the mall/going grocery shopping together. 

It was nice. I don’t have many friends (I have like 3 friends tbh) that I hangout with outside of work/school/gym so I hope this can become a thing. 

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And the big outing that is getting to gymnastics begins now.

1. 20 min walk to bus stop
2. 30 minute bus ride to gym
3. The bus gets there almost 1hour early so 1 hour mall time at the mall beside gym
4. 2 hours of gym
5. Bar time post gym with the group
6. Hope I can get a ride to bus stop from the bar
7. 30min bus ride home
8. 20min walk in downtown sketch land to my apartment

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